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Resilient HR will take time to understand your business and will ensure that your Company is fully compliant with current employment legislation and regulation. Resilient HR is effectively your sub-contracted HR Department with the purpose of adding value to your business.


Helen Klepper, Director at Resilient HR will help you to create a successful business by taking away the concerns and worries of dealing with staffing issues so that you can concentrate on growing your business.


You know how sometimes managers or business owners feel that they are being put upon by their staff, or employees feel that they are being treated unfairly by their managers, Helen will provide solutions to these people problems.


She does not want/like to see managers or employees treated unfairly and believes that people should be happy in the workplace and valued for the contribution they make.   Employees who feel valued and engaged with their employer will perform well and increase productivity.

  • Our Equitable Solutions

    When you’re looking for HR or change management services in the North West and North Wales that positively contribute to your business, Resilient HR is focussed on making sure you achieve your goals with a productive and empowered workforce. We help you to create a mutual respect in the workplace, providing you with strong and consistent HR policies and procedures that will create a healthy, productive business and a positive professional culture.


  • Our Commitment to You

    We are committed to delivering the right management solutions for you, to grow your business, to build your team, to change the business culture, to provide you with the right policies and procedures. Not only that, we will be there in hard times to help build your business back up, to manage changes in your company or to manage staffing issues.


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Jackie Miles

As a Registered Charity, we obviously could not afford our own, in house, HR department. Using Resilient HR gives us this facility but is both cost and time efficient, and allows us to get on with what we do best.

YMCA Wirral